How To Restore A Painting

September 15, 2010 Portfolio 0 Comments

How to restore art

Restoring a piece of art requires several steps before the actual work begins for example:

We use often carry out an  ‘Ultra Violet Light’ scan , this frequently highlights a possible previous restoration. When are happy we our scan we then carry out exploratory spot cleaning in a multitude of areas, we gradually and progressively increase solvent strength to establish what lay below varnish layers. At this stage we are able to understand exactly what type and amount of work is required to successfully restore a painting.

You can imagine that this is not a task for the untrained eye ! now we move to our next step which will be to consult the client. We can do this in a number of ways such as, face to face on site or at our studio, should distance be an issue then, we can always use digital photography to support our findings and keep clients updated with progress.

Now the long process of full restore can take place, this may also involve this could also encompass re-lining and in extreme cases new stretchers.