About David Everingham Conservation Ltd

David Everingham (MA conservation of easel paintings) is a fully qualified and highly experienced conservator. He worked initially in the museum sector, including several years at the renowned Bowes Museum and internationally at the National Gallery of Australia. For many years David has restored fine art in his Harrogate studio, and church heritage artworks on site. David will provide a thorough visual and technical assessment of a painting before embarking on restoration and will keep clients informed of progress with regular updates. Restoration is carried out to the highest of museum standards using the best materials available and the most up-to-date techniques, abiding always to internationally recognised codes of conservation ethics. David is a member of the professional body ICON (Institute of Conservation) and the YCCC (York Consortium for Conseravtion and Craftsmanship).

Founded in 1998 by David Everingham, the company is an established private conservation business in the north of England.

The company undertakes conservation work in two principal areas:

The conservation of easel paintings in the Harrogate-based studio with clients including Harrogate Borough Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, North East Lincolnshire Council, Middleborough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), The Bowes Museum, and private collections.

Larger scale projects in churches and historic buildings.

The team is highly qualified and experienced:

David Everingham has a background in science, gaining a first degree in biochemistry at the University of Warwick before continuing his studies in cultural heritage management and conservation. After completing an MA (distinction) in the conservation of fine art David spent several years in museum conservation before entering private practice.

Michael Bowes gained a first degree in Fine Art at the Norwich School of Art before completing an MA (distinction) in the conservation of fine art. He undertook an internship at the Victoria and Albert Museum before joining the company.

Philippa Hore gained a degree in Art History and Curatorship from the Australian National University before gaining a Graduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management.

The combination of science, art history, fine art and heritage management gives the team the ability to look at projects in a uniquely holistic way. From in-depth analysis of materials and understanding of the way in which materials behave and degrade, to assessing the unique significance of cultural heritage (both objects and sites) we can offer a comprehensive approach to the conservation of cultural heritage.